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Since immigrated from Japan as a teenager, Yo-Yo has been teaching her families and friends in America about true Japanese cuisine.

But how did "Wa-gokoro" begin?

One day Yo-Yo's American Mom said, "I saw a Japanese ingredient at a grocery store but have no idea how to use it!" This is when Yo-Yo knew she had to step in.

With the popularity of Japanese food in America and her Japanese heritage, Yo-Yo was confident she could bring the authenticity of Japan to the states. What helped, even more, was Yo-Yo's husband, Dave, whose American upbringing influenced some of the items offered in our gift boxes.

This is how "Wa-gokoro" was born...


和心 (wagokoro) can be literally translated as “Japanese heart.” 和 (wa) means Japan, 心 (gokoro/kokoro) means heart.

So what is Japanese heart?

It is a deep-rooted Japanese discipline to respect or appreciate things around them, such as Nature and cultures that have been inherited for thousands of years.

Wagokoro also represents Japanese heart as a form of selfless compassion, putting yourself in the shoes of others, and anticipating their needs from their perspective while acting in a way that might make them at ease, happy and comfortable.

We are sending our Japanese cuisine boxes with our 和心 (wagokoro). We think of YOU and carefully curate Japanese authentic items for YOU, imagining your happy and exciting face when opening our box every month.

Our Vision & Promise

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